Hadassah Reservoir
"Struggle for Life" Association

The “Struggle for Life” organization was established in 1999 following the illness of the late Eli Alkobi, who fought cancer for a whole year, “Struggle for Heroes.” Unfortunately the disease finally overwhelmed him and Eli passed away on 10.2.2000. Eli’s struggle exposed us to the general struggle of many people in Israel and around the world, a struggle for the lives of adults and children whose lives might have been saved if a suitable bone marrow donor had been found for them. Eli, who managed to raise awareness of leukemia among the public in the country, at levels that were not previously known and who wanted to continue to lead the struggle to higher levels, will not be able to contribute to physical doing and his contribution will remain on its spiritual side.

Since the establishment of the “Struggle for Life” association in the name of the late Eli Alkobi, we have increased the bone marrow databases in Israel by 250,000 samples and our hand is outstretched… ..

We hope to reach a situation where most patients in the country will find a suitable donor in the early stages of the disease and thus we will save a lot of suffering from the patients and family members who accompany the patient.

The Fight for Life Association cooperates with the Hadassah Bone Reservoir, and assists in recruiting potential bone marrow donors to the Hadassah Bone Reservoir.