How to join the Hadassah database.

Please read the terms below carefully.

You can only join if you are between the ages 18-45

You only need to join the database once. If you joined before, you can't join again

Step 1 - Does your health condition allow you to join a pool of bone marrow donors?

1. Do you currently suffer from a serious / chronic illness? For example: diabetes, cancer, hemophilia, tuberculosis, juvenile diabetes, epilepsy, brucellosis, etc.

2. Did you or your family members are at risk of “creutzfeldt-Jacob” nerves disease?

3. Have you been tested and found to be positive for the presence of HIV antibodies?

4. Have you received growth hormone treatment from a human source or undergone a transplant?

5. Are you a carrier of hepatitis (hepatitis-hepatitis) type B or C?

6. Have you ever use drags by injection?

Does any of the above situations apply to you?