A person who is not in the database will never know if he can save the life of a sick person who matches him genetically. It is highly important to raise the awareness among the public to the relatively easy way in which lives can be saved by a simple saliva sample.

For your infornation

Joining the donor registry can only be done once, if you’ve been tested before and you’ve signed a sign-up form – you can’t be tested again! (only people between the ages of 18-45 years old are allowed to join)

  • In this agreement form you give a permission to be included in the donor registry. In each stage of this course you will receive extra information and the option to continue or retreat from your decision.         
  • Joining the donor registry does not grant you any benefit or money in any way, shape or form.
  • The risks of joining the donor registry are the same as in giving a normal saliva sample
  • You will not carry any financial expenses that are included in the process of joining the donor registry nor the brain marrow donation procedure.                                   
  • The information about your tissue type will be available to other donor registries from around the world, but your identity will remain confidential (identification will be done using a code).                     
  • In the future, the population registry might be contacted for updating your address.
  • Signing this document confirms that you have read the joining form and you agree to write in it and be included in the bone marrow donor registry .

Check if the condition of your health allows you to join the bone marrow donor registry

  • Have you been tested and been found a carrier HIV antibodies / antigens?
  • Are you suffering from a serious / chronic illness at the moment? Examples: Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, Cancer, Hemophilia, Tuberculosis, Epilepsy, Brucellosis, and others… 
  • Have you been treated with growth hormones from a human source or have you gone through a transplant surgery?
  • Are you a carrier of Hepatitis B or C? 
  • Have you ever injected drugs to yourself? 
  • Have you / do you experience one or more of the situations mentioned? ​YES / NO  If the answer is yes, ​you are not suitable and can’t join the bone marrow donor registry. We thank you for your willingness to help.

Is one of these conditions true for you